"Honest and bold music...angelic talent." - University News, Kansas City

Stained Glass

A small boy with sparkling eyes
Stands aglow in Immaculate Conception Church
Mary’s church
And offers his hands to Her crucified son
To heal the tender palms whipped by a brutal father
As His scourged and nailed hands were healed
High on the southern wall, in purple, blue, red, yellow,
Stained glass filters the sunlight that illuminates him and these Biblical scenes:
“Be of good comfort, thy faith has made thee whole.”
“Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.”

He was such a child, touched by the hand of God
In love with stained glass, incense, Latin
The choir sung Gloria, the monstrance, vestments
The organ, the Word, the hum, bells
But most of all the silence, the Mystery, the stillness

And so led to a seminary in the Show Me state
Shown a different mystery
Touched by the other hand of God
Threatened to secrecy
To return home, homeless; to parents, orphaned
Stained glass
A week in a seminary, a lifetime in hell
All of it hidden, forgotten, buried

Fifty years later and not a day older
Awakened in a hotel in Mary(‘s)land
Taken into the heart of the man he’s become
Led by the hand into a candlelit chapel
Filled with the sweetness of frankincense and myrrh
Surrounded by familiar scenes in stained glass
Enveloped in the glow and the hum of Teresa, Francis
And all the saints and angels beaming at him, at one of their own
He is suffered to come unto Jesus, to sit on His lap
To hear the words he’s unknowingly waited half a century to hear
And to be healed

“You did nothing wrong
You were wounded, but not wrong
You are beautiful, you were always beautiful
See the sparkle returned to your eyes
You are homeless no more, an orphan no more
You’re home now, you’re home.
Be of good comfort, for your faith has made you whole.”