"Melodic versatility, lyrical playing...carving out his own niche at the top." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Divine Demonic Love

Creates, destroys
Builds, lays waste
Roots, uproots
Buries, resurrects

Blesses, curses
Wounds and heals
Caresses, rakes
Gives and steals

Expands, narrows
Stretches, shrinks
Imprisons, liberates
Shatters, binds

Sweetens, sours
Whispers, roars
Pierces, holds
Hears, ignores

Forgets, remembers
Feeds and starves
Flows and seizes
Fills and drains

Soft surrender
Searing lust
Tender kisses
Piercing thrust

Blazing fire
Fields of snow
Fertile soil
Fields of woe

Terrifying, glorifying
Nothing, everything

A litany unspeakable
Who would understand
A constellation of all that is, was and will be
That stretches across the heavens to the end of time