"... carving out his own niche at the top." - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Long-Awaited Spring

I will lie beside you
I will rest my head between your familiar bones
And kiss your secret treasure
Sweet kisses, tender kisses, healing kisses
Kisses of love

I will taste your once trampled, now treasured treasure
I will taste the saltwater tears flowing from it
Formed and frozen long ago
In the abyss, in the darkness
Waiting for the thaw of Spring
Of healing and renewal
Of love and union
Waiting to flow

And I will love them, and drink them in
They will become my tears
And we will not know one from the other

Beckoned, I will enter this cove of treasure
Fill it with my own
Enrich it with my own
Infuse this salty sea
With the milky seed of life
Swirling, dancing, blending, merging
Dying and becoming One