"...imbued with emotional power." - KCUR/NPR (Kansas City)

A Soul’s Testament

The sound of this rushing river
Is the voice of the time before Time
The song of the world before it was born
The beginning of the Beginning

The stillness of the savannah
Before it was stilled by progress
The silence of the gorge
Before it was silenced by civilization

It is the gentle, haunting voice of my mother, Mother Africa
From whose womb of dust I was born
In whose branched arms I was cradled
At whose fruitful breast I nursed
In whose fertile soil I rooted

I extend in descension
Onto the savannah
Into the gorge
Into the river

I am the river and the song
The grassland and the canyon
The silence and the rushing
The memory and the longing

Radiant darkness
Deeper stillness
Timeless, virginal, vast and uncorrupted
I am Africa